DBS Designer Goodies


Right now, you can get your hands on some super helpful guides that will

transform your SEO know-how forever


1. Actionable Tips and Tools

Take action on the tips shared in the presentation while it’s all still fresh!

Get an instant downloadable pdf that unpacks all the juicy tips from the presentation into actions you can take right now.

You can also get an exclusive $150 discount on the SEO for Designers course, it’s the lowest price available and it’s only for Designer Boss participants!

SEO The Easy Way Downloadable

seo for designers

SEO for Designers $150 Discount


2. Custom SEO Audit & Strategy Video

Not sure about the SEO direction of your website? Want to know what SEO areas you can easily improve on?

Submit 1x website and I will film a custom SEO audit and strategy video (up to 20 minutes) to help guide your direction towards succeeding in search engines.

In addition to sharing action steps you can take right away, you’ll also receive access to a completed SEO strategy for a designer’s website (an exclusive resource from the SEO for Designers course).


3. The Ultimate Guide on Choosing an SEO Friendly Website Platform

Oh yeah… forget the Google spiral you go down searching for whether WordPress is better than Squarespace or whatever.

In this guide, we put an end to all of those nagging fears and worries about which platform really is the best for SEO yet also easy to design on.


4. The Designer-Friendly SEO Glossary

What would you do to get your hands on the ONLY designer-friendly SEO glossary that breaks down every SEO factor into exactly what you need to do?

That’s right.

You know all those oh-so-important SEO ranking factors you hear about (yah, all that super SEO nerdery you have come across on the interwebs)? Well, this glossary goes down to the detail for each and every one from a designer’s perspective.